Are you feeling blocked in your life? Is this affecting you on a physical, as well as spiritual and emotional level?

Holistic acupuncture unblocks and clears away layers of obstacles – whether it’s an inflamed muscle, backed-up digestive tract or a “stuck in a rut” energy holding you back from exuberant health and vitality.

Sound like magic? With 8,000 years of philosophy and over 4,000 years of pragmatic application, Chinese Medicine in the 21st century is powerful – and magical as well.

Our services are available locally in:

  • New Paltz
  • Kingston and neighboring towns in Ulster
  • Dutchess Counties
  • Manhattan

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For every needling, the method is above all
Not to miss the rooting in the Spirits.
Ling Shu, Eighth Chapter
written during the Han Dynasty, 206 BC – 220 AD