Still here … the stillness of Winter

The Stillness of Winter
is still with us, despite the hint of spring.

It may feel like spring, sometimes it looks like spring.  It’s not.  Yet.

It is the time to savor these last moments before new beginnings.

In Chinese medicine philosophy, winter is the element of Water. This element is unique in that its directionality is both downward and upward, yin and yang. Spring (Wood) bursts forth, summer (Fire) blazes up, late summer (Earth) holds the harvest, autumn (Metal) begins the downward phase of the seasonal cycle. Winter (Water) continues with that downward direction, the sap continuing to descend to the roots.

And then …. it rests, winter remains underground in hibernation.

And then … it starts to move upward, the sap rising until the energy of Spring bursts through the ground and the cycle continues.

And here we pause … underground, the hint of upward motion. But not yet.

Instead of running out to do Another Activity … consider staying in and taking a bath. Add in epsom salts and essential oils.

OR – take a nap. An 11-minute rest (set your timer, or phone) can replenish you in … 11 minutes.

OR – take a few moments to breathe. In. The stillness.

Drink water – lots of it, at least one-half your body weight (pounds) in ounces. Water is great medicine for sinuses, backaches, mental clarity.

We are water. The human body is comprised of a variance of 65-90% Water. Before birth, we spend 40 weeks embraced in a Water womb. Water is our connection, our lineage, our commonality. Water seeks its own level.

In preparation for spring, savoring these last moments, take time to immerse in Water. Seek out bodies of water in your area – a pond, a stream, a river, the sea. This is the time to reap the benefits of nature’s embrace, not just going with the flow, but being the flow.

Our ancestral lineage, our DNA, the reproductive systems, our bones are all held in this powerful element. Honor the ancestors (real and imagined) as you decide what of their legacy you will pass on to future generations and what you will transmute, an alchemical transformation.

Stillness, silence, inquiry into the mysteries. Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I desire to go? What is my place in this vast eternity?

The questions will guide us. The answers are not necessary.

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