Aaah ’tis spring …. and what is one clue to its arrival? The increase in FUs and car honkings at road intersections!

Impatience is in the air … this anticipatory ‘We’re Almost There …. but then again not’ hovering all around. The sap in the trees, having been underground since its descent in the fall, is moving up up up – and then stops with the cold, and then moves up when the sun shines. A staccato jazz rhythm in each and every tree. And that’s our rhythm, as humans, as creatures in the spring.

We are climactic beings … no matter how 24/7, indoor, urban we may choose to live. After the dormancy of winter, which we may have chosen to ignore (in our 24/7, indoor even urban lifestyle), this rising up of energy, of season is all around. In my treatment room, everyone’s pulses express variations of that same rhythm – coming and going, a little tight then relaxed, staccato.

photo 2In the Chinese taoist paradigm of 5 elements / 5 seasons (late summer considered the 5th), spring is the element of Wood. We’ve actually been in Wood, in Spring since around the equinox, with the increase in daylight. Wood is forward and UPWARD moving, yang, a no-holds-barred energetic.

There are 5 elements, 5 seasons, 5 spirits. Each of the elements / seasons has primarily two organ systems associated with it (one yin, one yang) and each yin organ is associated with a spirit. It’s an all-inclusive, body/ mind / spirit system of looking at human beings.

Wood is the terrain of the Liver and the Gallbladder organ system energetics. Our Liver houses the spirit of The Hun – the dreamer, the visionary, the one who sees the big picture. Literally, the Hun is the dreamer – at night when we sleep, it flies out and visits the beyond, the universal spirit, communicates with it and then returns to us, giving messages coded in dreams.

Each of the elements has an emotional component and anger is associated with Wood, with the Liver functioning particularly. Why? Because the Liver is associated with the smooth flow of qi (energy) in the body. Sometimes it’s a rocky road. And that can be frustrating. Maddening. Aggravating. If it’s not smooth. Which it rarely is all the time. The upside of anger is righteous outrage – the feeling that inspires activists to create change in our society, for example.

Typical of the spring season, it’s a bit push me / pull me – 70* one day, snow the next (in northern US, other climates have their own versions of course). With the Liver (and Gallbladder) being the predominating organ systems during spring, we naturally have this vision or dream of new beginnings, clearing the old debris out of our way. We want to move move move. Yes, it’s cabin fever, yes it’s boredom from the long cold winter and yes it is perfectly, wonderfully and magically part of the cycle of life. This is the Tao of the seasons, which cycle again and again, the same yet different, returning each year of our many lives (if you believe in earthly re-incarnation).

The other day, my teen age daughter and I got into a screaming fight over An Issue typical to teens and moms (housework chores). It escalated to a speedy and take-all-prisoners velocity. “That’s it!!” I heard myself yell. “Now you’re grounded! One week!” She yelled back. “Ok, make that TWO WEEKS!!”

Really? I almost had to laugh mid-argument (though I wasn’t in the mood) as it was that surreal, on both our parts.

I drove her to an outing, daggers of silence in the 1

How do I extricate myself from this one? Without blame or letting go of my intention (contributing to a clean house)? I am not a “you’re grounded!” parent, that just came out. ….. hmmmm ….. PING!!! an idea presented itself. I will give her a GET OUT OF JAIL, FREE card!!!

Getoutofjail-photoI wrote up my one version, wrapped it up in a beautiful blue Tiffany box (crossing out the Tiffany so as not to disappoint) … VOILA!!! Saved the day, saved face, for both of us.

So, consider creating a few GET OUT OF JAIL, FREE cards for yourself, your loved ones, your not-so-loved ones. Anger and resentments are pretty nasty prisons to be stuck in.

So – sigh, release, open the gates … give yourself, and the rest of us, a well-deserved break.

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