What do Galloping Horses, Seeds and the Weather Have in Common?

Answer: Whatever your heart desires!

How do you manifest that?? Read on. . .

galloping-horse-1We are in the year of the Horse, and it’s a Wood Yang horse. Wood is the element of spring, upward moving, fast and Yang is outward, upward, moving fast (as compared to yin, which is receptive, inward, slow) – to simplify.

This Horse year, according to Chinese astrology experts (which I am not, but I am an avid follower!), is going to be a Promethean, fast-paced gallop. Following 5 years of dissolution, of breaking down and disseminating (two years of Water and one of Earth) this Wood Yang energy is a huge energetic shift, the most dramatic in the last 60 year-cycle of Chinese astrology. In this system, there are 12 years corresponding to 12 animals – instead of 12 months, which correspond to 12 mythological signs, (which name 12 constellations of stars in the sky) as occurs in western astrology.

In addition, in the Chinese astrological system, each year or animal is linked to one of the 5 elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood) and also to yin or yang. So, this year is the Horse, the element of Wood, and Yang.

Now to the weather. . .in the northeast US, we have had a dramatic cold snow-filled winter and our early spring holds the same. As I described in my last blog, Get out Jail Free, the feelings and emotions connected to the Wood element, Spring, can be anger, frustration, impatience. It’s time to move, and sometimes we just cannot do that – either we are snowbound, or it’s just too cold to be out and about, or the spring cleaning tasks of gardening and property maintenance are just not happening. We feel STUCK! But . . . if this galloping horse year 2014 – which started January 31st 2014 – holds this amazing energetic propulsion shift, then wouldn’t it make sense to start from a refreshed, rejuvenated state of being?

As always, we have choice – we can choose to be in a state of anger or impatience, we can choose to use the time to rest up or attend to more foundational actions, we can choose to just tune out and ignore it all, we can choose to wisely look through our lives and dream and plant seeds, visualizing our future desires in the upcoming year.

Perhaps to concretize, to make physical this energetic ritual of dreaming and visioning, you may want to – literally – plant some seeds. A pot or two in a sunny window, planting the seeds for a flowering plant or an herb – this type of action gives form to idea.

You could also consider making this easy, refreshing, chia seed pudding. Gluten-free, loaded with calcium and omega-3s, protein, vitamins and minerals, these tiny nutrition-dense seeds were used by the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans as a staple of their diet and as an energy food. Chia means “strength” in the Mayan language, and they were known as the “Indian Running Food” because runners and warriors would use them for sustenance.

Perfect food for this galloping Wood Yang Horse Year!

CHIA SEED PUDDING with Mango Berry Compote

galloping-horse-3serves 2

4 tablespoons chia seeds
1 cup coconut milk*
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
a pinch or 2 of salt

* use any coconut milk that comes in cow milk-type cartons, not canned or septic cartons, so as to avoid BPA exposures

In a small bowl or jar combine the first four ingredients. Give it a good stir and refrigerate for at least one hour. After the
first thirty minutes give the mixture a stir, so it doesn’t clump together.

Fruit Compote Topping

1 mango, peeled and cubed

Heat gently in saucepan, breaking up cubes to make a soft consistency.
Remove from heat.
Add a cup or two of frozen, organic berry mix – stir gently
When pudding is ready, spoon into separate bowls or containers (clear glass, even jelly jars are nice to see the colors) and add the compote on top

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