The Two Best Health Drinks in the World (and you make them yourself)

Spring …. it is springin’!! As we fully imbibe its green magic, consider adding some green magic to your diet. Greens, greens and more greens – for several ideas on that, see my website, and look under the Self Care section – Spring Cleanse and the Power of Greens (and have fun with it all!)

Here are two recipes for amazing green smoothies. The first is one I’ve used for years, and I never tire of it. I’ve had so many people sample it and the feedback has been across the board raves! This is a smoothie that is filling, nourishing and loaded with pretty much all you need, nutritionally, to get through the day. I particularly ensure I make it when I know that I will have a lot of running around and may not get optimal food on the way. While I am not suggesting that this can replace meals, it can at least provide the nutrients that you may not get otherwise. And it’s delicious!

The amounts listed are guess-timates – add more or less of the ingredients as you choose. I tend to like it on the thick side, so adapt for yourself as desired.



> Coconut water (approximately 3 cups) *
> Small handful of cilantro (I cut off part of the stem ends, if they are fibrous)
> Larger handful of kale (I strip off the leaves and discard the parts of the stem that are too fibrous)
> Fresh pineapple (or frozen) 2 rings, approximately
> 1/2 grapefruit, peeled (I like to leave on as much pith as possible, even though it’s bitter, as it has a lot of bioflavenoids, and I like the taste)
> 1/2 to 1 avocado
> 1 tbsp of so flaxseed oil
> 1 tbsp of so coconut oil – if it’s too solid, I’ll heat gently under my stove-warming light before adding to blender. If you blend the drink longer, the solid oil will melt, so that’s another option.


Put all ingredients in blender. I use an Oster BCBG, which was rated 2nd to the Vitamix. The Oster is $40 and the Vitamix $400. I have not found the need to purchase the Vitamix, for my purposes, even though it’s an amazing machine.

Blend, blend, blend (longer time for oster or non-vitamix). I like a smooth consistency. Adding the avocado and the oils emulsifies the drink and gives it a creamy consistency.

I put in a large quart sized jar and sip over the course of the morning. Yum. I feel so energized and satisfied! :)image



* for this smoothie, I use Zico Coconut water (NOT coconut milk) . While I prefer Taste Nirvana coconut water for plain drinking and for the health drink recipe following, I don’t find it necessary for this one (there is a considerable price difference).







Easy peasy – Just add 1 or 2 bottles of coconut water and a handful of kale in the blender. I like to add a tbsp or so of coconut oil. If I melt the oil under my stove light warmer, then I can add the oil that way, if it’s too solidified. If that doesn’t work for you, I would add the kale and a little bit of the coconut water and blend it til the heat of the blending melts the oil. Then add the coconut water. I like this drink to be somewhat cool, but you choose.

Blend blend blend – you could add a splash of agave and a 1/4 tsp of vanilla, if you want a sweeter, more exotic drink

Loaded with electrolytes from the coconut water, amino acids and vitamins from the kale, and the amazing health benefits of coconut oil – including triglycerides which are a quick source energy and lauric acid, which can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi – this drink is a quick and easy immune and energy boost.



I like this Taste Nirvana brand (plain and with pulp) for this drink. It’s more expensive than Zico, but for this it’s worth the price.
(no, I don’t make anything promoting these products!)


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